Buddy Suttle



states Buddy Suttle, rider and co-founder of UNKNOWN Industries. Buddy began riding Harleys at age twenty and rides them because as a kid, many of the people he looked up to rode them. Buddy Suttle and Nick Leonetti knew of each other through racing and riding dirt bikes but they had never formally met, until one day they saw each other with some friends out riding their Harley's. Buddy followed them to a practice spot and the friendship took off from there. In 2009, Buddy began putting his videos on YouTube under the title "Harley Wheelies." To date, the "Harley Wheelies" video series views are over 2.5 million, and in August of 2013, UNKNOWN released their first movie on DVD, "13th Level."br/>
"We always wanted to do something bigger than what we were doing on our own with riding and with our videos. We haven't changed what we are doing, we've just had the opportunity to get our Harley's involved with a lot more."


  • General: The Red Rocket
  • Year/Make/Model - 1992 Harley-Davidson FXR
  • Motor - 95" Twin CAM
  • Builder - Big Al from Big Al's Cycles
  • Exhaust -Thunder header
  • Transmission - Harley five-speed
  • Front Suspension - Race Tech Springs
  • Rear Suspension - Works Connection 13.5 Shocks
  • Front End - Harley Narrow Glide
  • Front Wheel - 19" Stock Harley 13 Spoke Mags
  • Rear Wheel - 16" Stock Harley 13 Spoke Mags
  • Front Tire: Dunlop 401 100/90 - 19
  • Rear Tire - Dunlop 401 150/80 - 16
  • Front Brakes - Dual Disc Lyndall Brakes Rotors and Pads PM Calibers
  • Rear Brakes - Lyndall Brakes Rotors and Pads PM Calibers
  • Paint & Pinstripe Artwork -Taylor Schultz at Schultz Designz
  • Gas Tank - Harley FXR Lowrider
  • Handlebars - Big Al Cycle's Low Bend Bars - Powder Coated Black
  • Foot Pegs - Speed Merchant
  • Seat - Custom Corbin
  • Fork Brace - San Diego Customs
  • OEM Harley-Davidson parts for FXR - Elvis's Place - www.elvisplace.com
  • Stabilizer- GPR.     


  • Nickname: Playboy
  • Birthday: January 13, 1985
  • Hometown: Petaluma, CA
  • First Bike: Suzuki Junior 50
  • Current Bike: 1992 FXR
  • Favorite Music Genre: From punk rock to hip hop & everything in between
  • Favorite Movie: RAD and Crusty 3
  • Cocktail: Jameson
  • Best Dude You Know: Eric Mazzetti
  • First Tattoo: Flames on my leg at 15 years old
  • Injuries: 11 concussions, removed spleen, 1 &1/2 kidney, broken legs, and lots of stitches
  • Favorite Animal: Izzy the pitbull