Kade Gates


Kade Gates, unlike Nick Leonetti and Buddy Suttle, was not from Petaluma, CA. He is from Ventura, CA, where he became a fan of the "Harley Wheelies" YouTube video series. He put some of his own videos on YouTube of himself doing burnouts and wheelies and reached out to Nick and Buddy. The three met up at the bike show in Petaluma, CA in October 2012. Kade recalls, "I was just one of the dudes doing it and they were ones that started it, I was stoked to meet them." Kade has been riding BMX his entire life and got into building choppers and older motorcycles. He got his first Harley at the age of 19, a Sportster. He had been waiting to get a newer model bike so that he could push the limits and do more on it. "I'm stoked to be a part of the UNKNOWN Family. It's like being a part of a team of pioneers of the sport, if you call it that. What we do is not sanctioned and being a part of the best of the best at it, is a great feeling." Kade officially began riding as an UNKNOWN member in April 2013 when he joined Nick Leonetti on a national tour with the duo doing riding demos in over 25 cities.


  • General - The Blue & White FXR
  • Year/make/model- 1991 Harley-Davidson FXR
  • Motor - Stock 80" EVO
  • Builder- Kade Gates
  • Exhaust- Thunder Header with custom cut and reinforced mounts welded by Kade Gates
  • Transmission- Jim's 5 Speed
  • Front Suspension - Progressive Springs with stiff weight oil
  • Rear Suspension - Works 13 3/4
  • Front End - 2000 and later Dual Disc 39mm
  • Front Wheel - 19" Stock Harley 13 Spoke Mags
  • Rear Wheel - 16" Stock Harley 13 Spoke Mags
  • Front Tire: Dunlop 401 100/90 - 19
  • Rear Tire: Dunlop 401 150/80 - 16
  • Front Brakes - Dual Disc Lyndall Brakes Rotors and Pads stock late model Dyna Calibers
  • Rear Brakes - Lyndall Brakes Rotors and Pads stock FXR Calibers
  • Paint - Jordan Graham and Kade Gates
  • Gas Tank - Harley FXR Tank
  • Handlebars - Sporter Bars with custom cut, sleeved and welded by Kade Gates
  • Front Pegs - Speed Merchant
  • Rear Pegs - Speed Merchant
  • Seat - Corbin
  • Fork Brace - San Diego Customs
  • OEM Harley-Davidson parts for FXR - Elvis's Place - www.elvisplace.com


  • Nickname: Kade Gates
  • Birthday: April 15, 1989
  • Home town: Camarillo, CA
  • First bike: My first motorcycle was a custom chopper that I built
  • Current bike: 1992 Harley-Davidson FXR
  • Favorite Music Genre: Hip-Hop and Rap
  • Favorite Movie: Art of Flight and one of my all-time favorite movies is "Bullet" wi