Nick Leonetti

Nick Leonetti began riding dirt bikes at the age of 10. His first bike was an RM60. As a teenager Nick started "UNKNOWN Industries" as a screen printing business and a clothing company with a retail store front. At the age of twenty he bought his first Harley- Davidson motorcycle, an FXR, and he began riding Harleys. "Harleys are the baddest bikes, and I wanted something that I could ride on the street," says Nick. Soon after he began riding Harleys, he met Buddy Suttle. They grew up in the same town, rode the same bikes, and had a similar riding style. "The first time Buddy and I met we went for a ride. We each did a few wheelies and got pulled over by the cops. Luckily they knew Buddy, so they let us off without a ticket. We've been riding together ever since."


  • General: The Teal Breeze FXRL
  • Year/Make/Model - 1992 FXRL
  • Motor - 80" EVO
  • Exhaust - Thunder Header
  • Transmission - Harley 5 speed transmission
  • Front Suspension - Race Tech
  • Rear Suspension - Works
  • Front End - 39m OEM Harley
  • Front Wheel - 19" Stock Harley 13 Spoke Mags
  • Rear Wheel - 16" Stock Harley 13 Spoke Mags
  • Front Tire: Dunlop 401 100/90 - 19
  • Rear Tire - Dunlop 401 150/80 - 16
  • Front Brakes - Single Disc Lyndall Brake Rotor and Pad
  • Rear Brakes - Lyndall Brakes Rotors and Pads
  • Paint & Pinstripe Artwork -Taylor Schultz at Schultz Designz
  • Gas Tank - Harley FXR Tank
  • Handlebars - Big Al Cycles low bend
  • Front Pegs - San Diego Customs
  • Rear Pegs - San Diego Customs
  • Seat - Mustang
  • Fork Brace - San Diego Customs
  • OEM Harley-Davidson parts for FXR - Elvis's Place -


  • Nickname: Trippy Nicky
  • Birthday: July 13, 1989
  • Home Town: Petaluma, CA
  • First Bike: RM60
  • Current Bike: The Teal Breeze FXRL
  • Favorite Music Genre: Rap, Rock, and all different types of music
  • Favorite Movie: Art of Flight
  • Cocktail: Long Island Ice Tea
  • First Tattoo: When I was 17 I got my first tattoo on my ribs
  • Injuries: Broken femur, leg, arm, knee cap, and a few staples
  • Favorite Animal: My Boxer, Roofus